Armstrong Parkin Architects' architectural projects have been exhibited in various forums. This achievement further illustrates the merit of our architectural work.

2011 Perth Samplings PS11.05 - 'Current Works'
Lecture - The Bakery, Northbridge, November 2011

2006 3 Over 4 Under - ‘On Weathering’
Lecture and exhibition - Northbridge, October 2006 (Colin Armstrong)

2004 YBE Design Education Program
North Cottesloe Primary School, November 2004 (Colin Armstrong)

2000 ‘Big Journey / Small Buildings: ‘Inhabiting a drawn out landscape’
Catalogue and exhibition – John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Perth (Colin Armstrong)

1993 Altering Architecture Exhibition
Door Gallery, Fremantle, 1 July – 1 August 1993 (Stephen Parkin)

1991 ‘Northbridge Interventions’ Exhibition
In House Studio and Gallery, Northbridge (Colin Armstrong)

1990 Architectural Projects Review, An exhibition of recent Graduates from Curtin University of Technology
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 7 January – 21 January 1990 (Stephen Parkin)

1989 OASIS – Making the Inhabitable Habitable, 7th R.I.B.A. International Student Design Competition
Royal Academy, London, 15 July – 6 August 1989 (Stephen Parkin)

1989 Concrete Masonry Association of Australia, National Architectural Students Design Competition
exhibited at all schools of architecture nationally, April 1989 – December 1989 (Stephen Parkin)

1989 GASSTOP – A Place for Celebration, 6th R.I.B.A. International Student Design Competition
Royal Academy, London, 16 July – 7 August 1989 (Stephen Parkin)

1987 Aspects of the Unseen, Architectural Drawings of Unbuilt Buildings and Conceptualisations
Museum Gallery Perth, WA, 26 January – 15 February 1987 (Stephen Parkin)